Learning Organization Culture: How does Self-Directed Learning Augment Organisation Effectiveness?

, | Jun 3, 2020 | Blogs

Learning is a Lifelong journey and Workplace Learning is one of the most significant area which directly impacts the organization performance and effectiveness. During the covid-19 pandemic, organizations also focussed the most on employee learning, transforming people’s capabilities and future-proofing their organizations. According to the Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends Report, employees rate the “opportunity to learn” as their top reason for taking a job. With technological & economical changes, there is a shift in work practices, business models, ways of working thereby challenging the workforce to continuously learn and develop.

Self-directed learning (SDL), a learner’s journey where he/ she is empowered and takes full accountability of the learning, growth, and development, with or without the support of experts/ managers/ leaders etc. This includes diagnosing & understanding the learning needs, formulating learning goals, identifying human and material resources for learning, choosing & implementing appropriate learning strategies, and evaluating learning outcomes. Learner’s also shape themselves through citizenship behaviour and learn while contributing to the organisation’s vision and mission.

Over the years, we have consulted many global organizations in Talent and Learn space and from our experience, we have formulated an easy and adaptive Self-Directed Learning Journey Framework, seamlessly yielding business outcomes. A learner undergoes a self-transformation and at each journey stage right, nudges are provided to accelerate and direct an employee’s learning. The role of a manager/ leader coupled with right organization practices and culture is also very imperative to make this journey holistic in a workplace environment.

Kognoz Self-Directed Learning Journey

Leadership development
  1. Journey Stage 1 : the learner is dependent, and the manager acts as a Coach facilitating formal/ informal conversations in realizing the development gaps wrt current role/ future role. This could also include methodologies like on-demand self-assessment, 360-degree feedback, performance feedback etc. During this journey, Self-awareness is encouraged within the learner.
  2. Journey Stage 2 : the learner is enthused to learn, and manager inspires him/her to take journey forward by setting the learning goals, understanding preferences, exploring preferred learning style. During this journey, Self-Appreciation is stimulated. The role of manager is very crucial at this stage.  
  3. Journey Stage 3 : the learner becomes Self-Engaged and explores different avenues of learning supporting the learning goal, preferences, likes etc. Different learning opportunities could be categorized under EEE (Education, Exposure, Experience) which involves social learning as well. The role of the manager is of a facilitator wherein he/ she supports the learner to drive the EEE journey.
  4. Journey Stage 4 :  the learner is Self-directed to take the journey forward and manager’s role shifts to a delegator. Learning happens in the flow of work, embedded into the current role where the learner is autonomous and reflects from time to time for his/ her upskilling, growth and development leading to enhanced performance and maximize organization effectiveness.

In the self-transformation journey for a learner, the role of a manager from journey stage 1 to 4 drastically reduces in terms of involvement and time thereby making a true Self-Directed Learning.

In the VUCA times, the organizations need to adopt agile methods to ensure Continuous Learning in the organization with the right technology enablement, adding value to each stakeholder. Learners demand autonomy, flexibility, and freedom to gain knowledge within and outside the organization linked to overall Career Development.

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