Kognoz Talent Solutions

Having the right talent, learning and HCM solutions, practices and platform is integral to HR service delivery, employee experience and enabling talent development.

As HCM becomes critical to workforce enablement, HR foundation readiness is critical to realize full application of HCM technology solution and get the ROI on investment. Despite investing in the best available technologies, it is seen that the workforce adoption challenges always emerge, no matter which suite is implemented. In addition, how to adopt best talent and learn practices to engage and motivate the different talent mix (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z) in an organization is becoming key to critical talent related decisions.

Powered by right talent solutions, future ready HCM Suites and Applications help your organization build greater return on your people investment by delivering:

  1. Your EVP-led Employee Experience
  2. Self-Directed Internal Talent Marketplace
  3. Enabling Learning in the Flow of Work
  4. Making data-driven talent mobility, career and succession decisions

Kognoz Talent Solutions brings you the right answers to your HCM and Technology problems.

Cloud HCM Implementation


We support the SumTotal Suite implementation for your learning management (LMS) and Learning Experience (LX) needs. We help you with end-to-end services that take care of the suite implementation.

  1. Data conversion
  2. Process configuration
  3. Integration development
  4. Change management
  5. Testing and Support
  6. Enabling packages
Talent & HCM Consulting


Drive the fit-for-purpose Digital-led HR ecosystem, that drives capability improvement and right employee experiences.

HR is the backbone for organization’s talent planning and employee experiences. In the digitally advanced workspaces of today, we help you design the right-fit HR and talent processes, that enable our clients to drive the right HR operating model.

  1. Right-Fit HR Strategy
  2. Digital HR Operating Model
  3. HR Process and Practices for Digital Ecosystem
  4. Talent Marketplace
  5. Learning Marketplace
Enabling Learning in the Flow of Work


To enable a truly self-driven learning environment, the assessment, content and learning strategies need to work in tandem. We help you design the right-fit solutions to activate learning in the flow of work.

  1. Content strategy and blueprint
  2. Content Design and Creation
  3. Content integration with LXP, LMS platform
  4. Learning Delivery Management
  5. Learning Program Management
HCM Data, Analytics and Technology


HCM Support Services enable your application management, data and analytics to drive integration and effective usage of the HCM and Learning Management Suites. We ensure adoption by our best-in-class data and analytics services.

  1. Full stack application management services
  2. Data Migration & blueprint
  3. Custom integrations & development
  4. Release Management
  5. Custom dashboards, reporting & analytics