Kognoz People Transformation

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Our research-based tools help you drive your organization, processes, systems and governance most effectively and bring transformation through right culture, capabilities and connections in our client organizations. Our organization, people and change enablement are powered by plenty of research in the culture, network, team dynamics and leadership effectiveness space. We are powered by research in advising you with the best people solutions for your business.

Organization Transformation

Organization Transformation

Align the organization to its purpose, values and shared beliefs and build right organization and processes.

We provide our clients with end-to-end transformation services in helping our clients bring their organizations in alignment with their business needs. As technology transforms work, the nature of workforce changes. In a changed scenario today, the paradigms of purpose, values, organization structure and people practices have all changed. In a digitally and technologically advanced work environment, we help client organization’s in driving change systematically.

  1. Purpose and Vision Articulation
  2. Organization Design for Industry 4.0
  3. Change Implementation
  4. Kognoz 6C Job Evaluation
  5. Culture & Values Articulation and Cascade
  6. Performance & OKR Implementation
  7. Organization Network Analysis (ONA)
Next-Gen HR Transformation

HR Consulting axis is changing the fastest and the future of work is closely tied to the human resource practices your organization is going to focus on. Kognoz Research has established with inputs of 100’s of organizations in different industries, 5-axes of human resource consulting that will facilitate the transformation of workplaces and making them future-ready. We call them Kognoz Future Work-Axis:

  1. DIGITAL Enablement
  2. Embedded LEARNING
  3. Network WELL-BEING
  4. DISTRIBUTED Leadership
  5. GLOCAL Citizenship

The HR of the future would drive these outcomes, seamlessly in a globally connected world. Kognoz People Transformation and Next-Gen HR Consulting practice enables your organization in visualizing, organizing, creating practices and providing you the RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT PRACTICES, RIGHT PLATFORM to transform your human resources function.

Talent Management & Leadership Development


Enable your managers for the right capabilities to manage the digitally savvy workforce.

Driving right capabilities requires right talent practices for your organization. Talent practices aligned to organization’s business strategy would bring sustainable growth to the organization. Our work in talent management and leadership development is inspired by requisite human capability and autonomous workforce practices, driven by near-zero layers of management. We help our client organizations developing the right talent practices and identifying and developing your hi-potential talent-pool.

  1. Career Architecture
  2. Talent & Assessment Architecture
  3. Role-Capability-Competency Alignment
  4. Behavioral Competency Design
  5. Functional Competency Design
  6. Competency & Leadership Assessments
  7. Leadership Development
Employee Experience


Our design thinking-led employee experience design has the power to provide you an edge over others, in delivering your employer value proposition (EVP) promise.

Employee experience is at the center of creating a distinguished and effective workforce that delivers value. We help you shape people practices in shaping right employee experiences at each touchpoint. Transform the moments that matter, through our unique design thinking methodology. We help you design end-to-end solution in aligning your employee experience.

  1. Employer Value Proposition
  2. Employee Experience Design
  3. Kognoz Immersive Engagement