Kognoz Business Transformation

If you are feeling distress in any part of your business value stream you must talk to our experts today.

Kognoz Business Systems (KBS) is the backbone of our transformation capability. KBS measures your overall business maturity on a 5-point continuum and help you articulate and deploy a strategy, consistent with world-class practices. We leverage Kognoz business transformation systems in driving your Enterprise-Wide Value Stream Analysis, New Product Development, Extended Enterprise and Supply Chain Optimization.

We enable our clients to drive business transformation through the entire value stream by aligning strategies, optimizing resources, streamlining operations, and instilling a culture of continuous improvement. We collaborate with our clients and coach them to achieve rapid improvement across financial and nonfinancial performance indicators. Our value is in implementing systemic changes in client organizations, that facilitate long-term performance and sustainable growth. Our digital technology alignment capabilities ensure our solutions are aligned to client’s technology or enterprise management environment.


Lean Industry

Improve your business competitiveness by driving right technology, cost, profitability and productivity measures.

At Kognoz, we can rapidly improve your industry and manufacturing work environment by simplifying, automating and digitally transform work to ensure right value in every business transaction. The Kognoz Business Systems enable clients to drive

  1. Strategy Articulation and Deployment
  2. Operations Excellence and Rapid Improvements
  3. Working Capital and Cash Flow Optimisation
  4. Digital Project Management and Dashboarding
  5. Value Stream Alignment
  6. Supply Chain Transformation

Improve your service delivery and enterprise measures on-the-touch by adopting LEAN technology practices for your services.

Technology is enabling service like never in the past. As services become lightspeed and on-the-touch to your customers, create your enterprise to get the best value in your technology investments by adopting LEAN Service practices and data-based decision in the flow of work. Our LEAN Business System helps you transform your entire business & technology ecosystem. The Kognoz Business Systems enable clients to drive:

  1. Enhancing Customer Experience
  2. Faster Adoption of Next-Gen Service
  3. Productivity and Reliability Enhancement
  4. Core Services Processes Transformation
  5. Data-based Decisions in the Flow of Work
  6. Resource Optimization

Improve your Healthcare operations rapidly to facilitate the best patientcare and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare is going through transformation globally. Providing right care at the right time for a rapidly expanding in-patient and out-patient facilities which are becoming operationally challenging day by day. The healthcare staff is one of the most over-worked and distressed workforce, though they serve the most noble cause. The Kognoz Business Systems has the capability to drive improvement for the healthcare service providers in:

  1. Integrated Facility Design
  2. Operational Excellence
  3. Patient Experience Transformation
  4. Streamlining the Patient Pathways
  5. Supply Chain Transformation
  6. Physician & Staff engagement and reduction of stress

KOGNOZ LEAN education equips your workforce to implement LEAN in their day-to-day work routines and bring improvement. Some of our modules that would help you drive efficiencies and productivity.

  1. Kick-starting Training within industry
  2. Managing Daily Improvements
  3. Supplier Business Capability Enhancement
  4. Action-Coaching for Driving Business Improvements
  5. Lean Layout Design for Green Field and Brown Field facilities
  6. Throughput Accounting – Rapid Cash Conversion

In today’s world managing Projects is becoming more and more difficult. Most projects, whether it is New Product development, software development or EPC project, are shooting over the time targets, budget  and scope. Our Kognoz Business system, based on lean thinking principles, can transform the wat Projects are managed.

  1. Develop Project plan based on lean principles of Takt, Flow and Pull
  2. Develop standard work to manage work quality
  3. Project monitoring and governance
  4. Project Risk management
  5. Digital technology for overall Project Management