Leverage your Social Capital to drive engagement

, | Jul 21, 2020 | Blogs

Leaders need to instil a sense of purpose and provide autonomy so that the teams perform better than others. Organizations who can identify and groom such leaders are able to enhance their overall workforce engagement and organizational performance.

Managers who engage their teams better than others can achieve higher performance with their teams. They constantly set higher standards, drive the team to challenge their limits and in the process sustain their commitment and engagement without the risk of burnout.

While these are the ideal persona of the Manager’s we seek to have in our organizations, finding them can be a tough task. It is a known fact that globally less than 1 in 4 employees are engaged at work and organizations have been striving to increase their engagement levels. With the workforce predicted to become more fragmented, preferences changing towards remote working, inclusion of gig workers, the concerns around engagement is likely to magnify.

Our own research based on self-determination theory has shown that autonomy and purpose are the key factors leading to engagement at work. While organizations may have all the infrastructure to provide the autonomy and create a sense of purpose in the workforce, it’s the direct supervisor who acts as a bridge between the organization and its employees to deliver these two critical factors impacting the team level engagement. The question now arises – do we have enough managers who can inspire the teams and sustain performance in the dynamic business environment?

Kognoz research has shown that managers who provide autonomy and sense of purpose to their teams are able to engage them better and achieve higher performance.

Inspiring leadership

Organizations have traditionally relied upon the time-tested psychometric tools, assessment and development centres to identify managers or potential managers who can lead large teams and get them to deliver on organization critical initiatives. While these methods come with their own set of reliability and validity, network analysis provides an outside-in perspective of identify current or potential managers who can really inspire their teams.

Inspiring leadership is one of the four dimensions in network analysis that provides a social validation of the manager’s attributes. The greater the score on Inspiring Leadership, the higher is the Influence quotient.  Using network analysis, organizations have discovered managers who inspire their teams. These managers can build a team that is agile, more engaged and committed, adaptable to change and drive innovation in the organization more than any other teams. Such Managers are also consistent in their abilities to inspire their teams and are more likely to be considered for key positions in the organizations.

By applying network analysis in identifying inspiring managers, organization have been able to improve their overall engagement scores by 15%-20%. Having more inspiring managers creates an engaging environment and enhances organizational performance.

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