A USD 15 Bn Indian Automotive Giant

| May 14, 2020 | Case Studies, Kognoz People Transformation

A Case in Point: – Tier-1 Supplier Transformation

Client Need:

Supporting company’s vision to be the top 10 global brands and transform business capabilities of the auto-component  suppliers in line with “differentiated value” to their customer, a program spanning a 10-year period.


  • Created two generations of business capability framework around  strategic priorities, managing business cycle, people  practices, Execution excellence and Innovation
  • Deployment, assessment and refinement of business capability pillars defined  and deployed in the supplier companies
  • Facilitation of continuous assessment, monitoring and development with  over 150 supplier companies


  • Facilitating the supplier business capability development program over a 10-year period with 150 participating companies and two generation of business capability framework