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About Kognoz

We are passionate about organizations and people meeting their full potential. Our services in transforming work, workplaces and businesses ensure maximization of this potential. We bring deep people and business systems expertise to our transformative consulting solutions that ensure thorough execution of strategies.


Interested in LEAN to improve your Business Transformation services? Reach our experts to know more on the Kognoz Business Systems today. We can help you transform your business…

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Kognoz People Transformation

Need a change in your people strategy or organization in line with business realities? Get in touch with us for your organization design, change management…

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Assessing Human Capital Management suites to enhance your employee experience, learning and talent management? Reach us at Kognoz Talent Solutions to increase your ROI…

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Looking to upgrade your managers and leaders for the gen-next leadership journeys. Kognoz Learning Academy equips your leaders to design right workplaces, ready for the future…

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Kognoz Annual Conclave 2019

A celebrated gathering where industry veterans and HR professionals came together to exchange knowledge on business and people transformation


Supply Chain planning decisions and Digital technologies – Why it is no more a ‘nice to have’

Supply chain planning is essentially about making decisions in the supply chain. How accurate is our forecast for sales; based on this how much we should plan to sell and produce?How much materials/components do I need to order from suppliers?Is my...

It is not just the brain that learns…

Learning has been the biggest quest for humans. We have outgrown other species possibly because of our ability to learn and adapt faster, to the evolving nature. It may be assumed safely, therefore, that nature has designed humans to learn....

How Organizational Stars can accelerate organizational learning

Research on organization networks have shown that Stars have superior “collaborative contributions” which can be harnessed by the organizations in creating a learning organization.In this blog, I share a perspective on how we can harness this...
Human Resource Functions

Re-visualizing the HR Function

Often in my experiences, while working with the human resource functions at clients, I have found a lot of pre-occupation with tasks, that take the bulk of HR professionals time – acquiring, managing, developing, and deploying talent. Working with...

Re-imagining the Organizations

Defocus hierarchies and empowering the self and teams “While we are one of the most fortunate generations in human history plush with both knowledge and wisdom, probably we are also quite unfortunate. We have always learnt and been taught to value...

Our Partnership Promise


We take pride in sharing knowledge. We ENABLE client teams with knowledge and transfer learning.


We partner for last-mile execution. We co-create and co-EXECUTE on the ground to deliver the promised outcomes.


We believe in achieving results and implementing change permanently. We ELEVATE client teams to the next level of improvements.